Mayor & City Council

Meet the Mayor and City Council

The legislative body of the government of the City of Rocky Mount is comprised of a Mayor and seven-member City Council. The City is divided into seven wards and each ward is represented by a Council member who resides in that ward. The Mayor is elected at-large by the citizens and serves a four-year term. Members of the City Council serve terms of four years and are elected by the voters of the wards in which they reside. Elections are held every two years so that the terms of office will be staggered. The City Council meets in regular session twice each month on the 2nd Monday at 7:00 p.m. and on the 4th Monday at 4:00 p.m. These meetings are held in the City Council Chamber on the Third Floor of the Municipal Administrative Complex, located at One Government Plaza, downtown Rocky Mount.

Mayor Roberson
C. Saunders Roberson, Jr.

Term: 2019-2023

130 S. Franklin St.
Rocky Mount, NC 27802-1180
(O) (252) 972-1130

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Read Mayor Roberson's State of the City Address delivered on June 7, 2021

Reuben Blackwell
Reuben C. Blackwell, IV

Ward 2
Term: 2000-2021

P.O. Box 2723
Rocky Mount, NC 27802
(O) (252) 212-3480

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Richard Joyner
Richard Joyner

Ward 3, Mayor Pro-Tem
Term: 2019-2021

1821 Duncan Drive
Rocky Mount, NC 27801
(O) (252) 883-9460

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T.J. Walker
T.J. Walker

Ward 4
Term: 2019-2023

548 Powell Drive
Rocky Mount, NC 27803
(R) (252) 567-1044

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Lige Daughtridge
Lige Daughtridge

Ward 5
Term: 2019-2023

112 Candle Court
Rocky Mount, NC 27804
(R) (252) 210-4210

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WB Bullock
W.B. Bullock

Ward 6
Term: 2002-2021

3112 Ridgecrest Drive
Rocky Mount, NC 27803
(O) (252) 443-6465
(R) (252) 937-4719

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Chris Miller
Chris Carroll Miller

Ward 7
Term: 2002-2021

1229 Green Tee Lane
Rocky Mount, NC 27804
(O) (252) 977-1438
(R) (252) 977-1438

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