Rollout Cart/Solid Waste Collection

Rollout Cart/Garbage Collection

Household garbage and refuse is collected once each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from residences located within the city limits of Rocky Mount. Your street address determines the collection day.

  • Place your rollout cart at curbside (behind the edge of curb and gutter or edge of pavement) prior to 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day. Remove the cart from the curb by midnight on the day of collection.

  • Rollout carts which are not out when the collection equipment personnel passes your location will not be collected until your next scheduled day of collection.

  • Place the rollout cart at curbside, not in the street, for collection. The cart should be placed away from obstacles such as automobiles, mailboxes, yard waste, bulky items, and telephone poles.

  • Place the rollout cart at curbside with the lid opening (see cart lid) toward the street and handles of the cart toward the residence to avoid damage to the lid.

  • The City may need to designate where rollout carts are to be placed by residents in order to provide safe and efficient service. Residences on corner lots will be collected from the street locations considered most serviceable for collection crews and equipment.

  • An additional rollout cart designated for garbage collection may be purchased from the City. Service will be provided for a maximum of two approved City rollout containers for each residence.

  • Place only garbage and household waste inside your rollout cart. Break down bulky items such as boxes so that all waste will fit inside the cart.

  • Do not use your rollout cart designated for garbage collection for:

    • Dead Animals

    • Recycling

    • Hot Ashes

    • Loose Sawdust

    • Yard Waste

    • Motor Oil

    • Wet Paint

    • Animal Waste (unless properly double bagged in plastic bags and securely tied)

    • Human Waste

    • Flammable Liquids

    • Unprepared Medical Waste

    • Other Hazardous Materials

  • Building materials are not considered residential solid waste and will not be collected. Removal and disposal of these materials are the responsibility of the resident, contractor, or homeowner. Examples of building materials we do not collect include, but are not limited to:

    • Lumber

    • Bricks

    • Roofing Materials

    • Plumbing/Electrical Materials

    • Carpet/Flooring

    • Sheetrock/Plaster/Wallboard

For additional information please contact: Environmental Services Division:

1221 Thorpe Road
P O Drawer 1180
Rocky Mount, NC 27802-1180
Phone: 252 467-4800, option 7
Fax: 252 467-4965