Appliance Collection

Appliance Collection

Appliance collection from residences is provided on the same day your household trash is collected. Pickup must be scheduled two business days prior to your scheduled collection day by calling 252-467-4800, option 7.

Appliance collection is provided for homeowners or residents that purchase their own appliances. The City will not collect appliances provided by landlords or commercial establishments. We collect:

  • Cook Stoves

  • Ovens

  • Refrigerators (remove doors or place face down)

  • Dishwashers

  • Washers/Dryers

  • Hot Water Heaters

Appliances must be emptied and placed at the curb for collection.

Appliances must be separated from other bulky waste. Appliances should be placed away from automobiles, mailboxes, fences, low hanging wires or limbs or other items, which might hamper collection.

The City may need to designate where appliances are to be placed by residents in order to provide safe and efficient service. Residences on corner lots will be collected from the street locations considered most serviceable for collection crews and equipment.

For additional information please contact: Environmental Services Division

1221 Thorpe Road
P O Drawer 1180
Rocky Mount, NC 27802-1180
Phone: 252 467-4800, option 7
Fax: 252 467-4965