Due Date Option Program


The Due Date Option Plan allows customers to choose a set due date for their utility payments. Due dates available are 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th. Customers must have an active utility account with no past due balances. If customer has a past due balance and would like to participate in the program, we will work with the customer to devise a payment plan that will allow them to become current on the account.

To enroll, contact customer service via phone at 252-972-1250, via email customerservice@rockymountnc.gov, or visit our office and speak with a customer service representative.

Can a business enroll in the Due Date Option Plan? Currently, this is not available for our business customers.

Will this affect the amount of my bill under the standard date plan? No, your bill will continue to follow the same 28 day billing cycle. Depending on the due date chosen, it is possible that the customer may receive their next bill before the prior bill is due. The bill would not be considered late as long as it is paid by the selected due date. The selected due date will be printed on the bill.

Can I enroll if I participate in ACH/Bank Draft and/or Equal Pay? Yes. You are able to continue to participate in either or both options while in the Due Date Option Plan.

Can I change my due date once I have chosen one? Once a selected due date has been chosen, the customer cannot opt to frequently change their due date. Due date changes will be approved on a case-by-case situation. The due date option allows the customer to select the date that best suits their financial situation.

Can I un-enroll from the due date option program? If the due date option is not working for the customer, they can elect to be removed from the program.

Will I receive a late penalty if I pay after my chosen due date? Customers are allowed a 2 day grace period. If a customer makes a payment that is more than 2 days past their bill due date, then a late fee will be charged.

Due Date Pre-Qualification Form
Which due date are you requesting?

Are you currently participating in any of these programs?

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