Incentive Program

Our Natural Gas Incentive Program

The city of Rocky Mount Energy Resources department offers an incentive program to encourage homeowners, builders, developers, general contractors and restaurant owners to install natural gas appliances in new construction for residential, commercial and industrial buildings outside the city's electric territory. New construction includes additions and expansion projects that add new space to an existing structure. Customers converting or replacing an appliance to natural gas from a fuel source other than the city's electric system, such as propane, are also eligible for the incentive program.

Natural Gas Equipment Eligible for Incentives Include:
  • New installation of: water heater when installed in combination with natural gas as the primary heating source, clothes dryer, cooking range and restaurant cooking equipment to include fryers, griddles, ovens, and/or steamers.

  • Conversion or replacement of: water heater, heating system(s), clothes dryer, cooking range and restaurant cooking equipment to include fryers, griddles, ovens, and/or steamers. (Replacement of existing natural gas appliances served by the city are not eligible for this program.)

Available Incentives:
Appliance Incentive Amount
Water heater and heating system as primary heating source (new installation only) $300
Clothes dryer (new installation, conversion or replacement) $50 (per appliance)
Cooking range (new installation, conversion or replacement) $50 (per appliance)
Heating system (conversion or replacement only; excludes space heaters) $100 (per appliance)
Water heater (conversion or replacement only) $200 (per appliance)
Restaurant cooking equipment, including fryers, griddles, ovens, and/or steamers
(new installation, conversion or replacement)
$500 (per appliance)
How to Apply:

There are three ways to apply for the Natural Gas Incentive Program:

Frederick E. Turnage Administrative Complex
RE: Natural Gas Incentive Program
331 S. Franklin St.
Rocky Mount, NC 27802

Making application does not guarantee incentive payment, but simply notifies Energy Resources of the customer's intent to apply for the incentives. The installation of eligible natural gas equipment will be verified at the time the gas division sets the gas meter. The meter can only be set after all natural gas equipment installations pass the required local inspection process. Once the meter is set and the eligible natural gas equipment installation is verified, the incentive payment check to the customer will be processed. For more information, email or call (252) 972-1269.

Natural Gas Incentive Application
Customer Information
Type of installation
Eligible equipment
Select all that apply:
New Heating & Water Heating ($300)
Range ($50)
Clothes Dryer ($50)
Conversion Heating ($100)
Conversion Water Heating ($200)
Restaurant Cooking Equipment ($500) (specify below)
From what fuel source are you converting?
Select all that apply:
Propane (LP) Gas
Fuel Oil
Other (specify below)

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