Connect to Natural Gas

Connect to Natural Gas

The Energy Resources department provides a complete package of services to make your connection to natural gas as convenient as possible. Before you connect to natural gas you have some choices to make, such as converting your current equipment or buying new equipment. If you buy new equipment, be sure to review the energy efficiency information available from the dealer. We encourage you to contact a licensed HVAC contractor to ensure equipment is installed safely and correctly.

Connection Costs

Up to 100 feet of service line for the first natural gas appliance will be installed at no cost to you. If needed, an additional 25 feet of gas service line will be provided for each additional natural gas appliance connected. Any additional footage will be installed at a cost of $5.00 per linear foot. Thirty days after the service has been installed, the minimum charge for gas will be billed to the customer each billing period. This minimum charge shall be continued for a period of 24 months after the initial charge.

For an easy reference to the connection process, download the How-to-Connect Guide. (PDF, 482KB)

Connection Checklist

The following checklist will help guide you through the steps of connecting your home to natural gas. Numbers in bold are the customer's responsibility.

  1. Contact a licensed HVAC contractor to determine the cost and feasibility of connecting to natural gas. Locate a licensed HVAC contractor by visiting

  2. Apply for natural gas service through Customer Service by calling (252) 972-1250 or visiting the Business Services Center at 224 S. Franklin St. in Rocky Mount. Apply online here.

  3. The city will determine the location of the gas meter. A city representative will contact you to schedule a time to visit your property to determine meter location and if any installation costs are required. Once the meter location is determined, an installation date will be set.

  4. Obtain a mechanical permit. Confirm with your HVAC contractor who will obtain the mechanical permit. You are responsible for the cost of the permit.

  5. The city will install a service line from the gas main at the front of the property to the site of the meter location.

  6. Install gas lines from the meter location to the appliances. (This must be done by a licensed HVAC contractor.)

  7. Install or convert the appliance(s) to use natural gas. (This must be done by a licensed HVAC contractor.)

  8. The city will install the meter and turn the gas services on after the work passes inspection.

  9. Contact the contractor to activate the gas service to the interior of the home.