Load Management

Commercial Load Management

The city of Rocky Mount offers a commercial Load Management Program to help large commercial and industrial customers reduce peak demand and improve the energy efficiency of their facilities. Customers participating in the Load Management Program receive a credit on their electric bill for each kilowatt (kW) of demand reduced during the monthly Coincident Peak (CP) Demand interval used by the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency (NCEMPA). Customers may reduce demand by such methods as modifying normal work schedules or installing peaking generation. If a generator is used, the generation size must be approved by the city.

For questions or more information regarding commercial or industrial load management programs, please email energyspecialist@rockymountnc.gov.

Residential Load Management
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Load management is a means of controlling the amount of electricity being used at anyone time. When periods of peak demand occur, load management is used to reduce the demand for power and therefore lower the cost of electricity city wide. Customers who participate in the program allow Energy Resources staff to install a load management switches on appliances in their home.

Participation is voluntary, and customers choose which switches to have installed. By participating in the program, customers receive a credit on their electric bill depending on what type of switches are installed. Credits are issued during specific periods of time; however, appliances may be controlled in other months.

Available Credits

Electric Water Heater Control - $7.50 per month

  • Water heaters are cycled off during load management periods.

  • The water in the tank will remain hot and available for use. However, the water heater will not generate additional hot water during load management.

Electric Heat Strip Control - $15.00 per month

  • Credit given for the five months of winter: November, December, January, February, and March. The first credit for November is prorated based on the billing period and may be less than $15.The difference will be credited in April.

  • Heat strips are controlled during the winter load management periods. Compressors continue to provide heat.

Central Air Conditioner Total Control - $20.00 per month

  • Credit is given during the three months of the summer season: July, August, and September. The first credit for July is prorated based on the billing period and may be less than $20. The difference will be credited in October.

  • The air conditioner's compressor is turned off during the load management period. During summer months, the peak usually occurs between 2-6 p.m. Fans will continue to circulate the cool air in your house, but the compressor will not generate any new cool air.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction in the Load Management Program is guaranteed. If you become dissatisfied with your load management switches for any reason, the switch will be promptly removed at no charge to the customer.

Enroll in the Load Management Program

Tenants must receive permission from the property owner before switches can be installed. Please note that the Energy Resources representative is only permitted to discuss the load management credit on the customer's bill with the account holder.

To schedule an appointment to have a switch installed, please call (252) 467-4803 or sign up using the online form below.

Download the Load Management Program brochure.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Peak?

"Peak" or "Peak Demand" is the greatest amount of electricity used at one time by an electric system. This typically happens when a large number of customers are using appliances at the same time. These peaks determine how much the city must pay for power. Higher peak demands mean higher prices. By controlling electric load or practicing "load management," the cost of electricity can be controlled.

How does the Load Management Program work?

Customers who participate in the Load Management Program allow Energy Resources staff to install a radio-controlled switch on one or more appliances in the home. Switches are available for the electric water heater, supplemental electric heat strips used in heat pumps, and the central air conditioner. If a customer has more than one air-conditioning unit, heat pump or water heater, switches shall be installed on all units.

In order to participate in the program, the customer must be the owner of the premises at which switches are to be installed, or must have the permission of the owner or manager. During periods of heavy demand for power, we send a radio signal to briefly interrupt power to the appliance. By cycling the controlled units off, we can reduce the demand on the overall system. The more switches in place, the greater the impact of the program.

When do peak demands occur?

Peak demands are seasonal and weather-based. Load management does not require daily load control. Peak demand periods are estimated to occur less than 10 days per month and last for approximately 3 to 4 hours. Typically, peak times occur on hot summer days between 2-6 p.m. and on cold winter mornings between 7-8 a.m. The Load Management switches are operated in a manner that provides maximum savings with minimum inconvenience to participating customers.

Is there a cost to participate in the program?

There are no installation or maintenance charges associated with this program. However, any service that has been tampered with so as to defeat the intent of the Load Management Program, shall result in additional customer charges and/or discontinuation of credits.