Are grants and programs free?

No. Different grant and loan programs will have different guidelines, rules and restrictions. Please contact the staff for the program that you are interested in.

Do you make additions to the home?

No. Our programs rehabilitate existing home structures only.

What do I have to do to get in the program?

Contact the Program Staff for details regarding the specific program. The administrator will be able to inform you of any requirements needed.

Can you work on rental property?

This depends on the particular program, although tenants cannot apply for the program. Program participants have to be homeowners or property owners.

Can I choose my own contractor to do the work?

No. The City of Rocky Mount has certified general contractors that are used to complete the work on your house once your application has been approved.

I saw a house that I want to buy.

The best avenue will be to contact the real estate agent selling the home since the City of Rocky Mount has no program targeted to the sale of real estate.

Do you have a list of properties for rent?

No, contact the Housing Authority, N.E.E.D. or a Realtor for information and assistance. The City does not rent property.

Does the City have a grant program to help me buy a house?

No. Contact Rocky Mount Edgecombe CDC for Housing Counseling and they maybe able to assist you in accessing affordable housing programs for information and assistance.

I want a grant to start a business.

Contact the Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce, Rocky Mount Edgecombe CDC, or Edgecombe Community College.

Does the City offer grant to small businesses?

Yes: the Major Impact Grant, Building Improvement Grant, and Rental Assistance program (see programs for more details).

What is the Community Development Block Grant program?

It is a grant provided to entitlement communities to use as they see fit to redevelop their area.

Where do I make my payments?

Payments are made in Collections - the same place you pay your utility bill.

Why don't I get an invoice?

The City mails invoices each month. If you do not receive your invoice, contact the Collections Department.

Why do I have to pay the money back? I thought this was a grant?

The City of Rocky Mount receives funds in the form of a the Federal Government Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). The City then develops programs that are given a set dollar amount with which to rehabilitate the houses in our community. We require that homeowners provide financial support for one-third (1/3) of the total cost of their project to enable the City's funds to reach further into our community. This allows us to provide the same assistance to a greater number of your neighbors.

My neighbor had their roof done for free. Why can't I?

Two reasons:

  1. Each year the program guidelines are subject to change to either meet the changes in the federal or state guidelines or address concerns and/or problems that occur during the program year.

  2. You must apply for participation in each program for assistance. For example: While the eligibility requirements are the same for each program, it may be that the Emergency Assistance Grant program would not be suitable to meet the requirements of your property. Emergency Assistance is designed to address a single housing repair need that threatens the health and safety of the residents in the dwelling unit.

I paid my portion of the loan. Why can't you take off the Deed of Trust?

The Deed of Trust is a lien against your property for the duration of the term of our agreement. The promissory note, loan agreement and deed of trust that you sign at the initial stage of the rehabilitation work is for a period of either 5 or 10 years. We are required under the terms of our federal grant to abide by the full terms of these documents. Each contract must meet the federal "period of affordability" requirements, which set out how long the lien must remain on the property based on the dollar amount spent on the rehabilitation.