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The Environmental Services Division provides a wide array of solid waste and trash collection services. These services include the collection and disposal of solid waste, yard waste, bulk waste, white goods, recyclables, and dead animals with the city limits.

In general, these services are provided to residents once per week, Tuesday through Friday. Each resident is assigned a day of collection for all services based on their location within the City. To determine your day of collection, please refer to our solid waste collection map or call 467-4800. For more information regarding a specific program, please select the appropriate topic below.


Household garbage and refuse is collected once each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from residences located within the city limits of Rocky Mount. Your street address determines the collection day. Click HERE to read complete details on guidelines and restrictions.


Bulky item service is provided to residents who have large items that are too large to be collected by rollout cart crews. Click HERE to read complete details on guidelines and restrictions.


Yard waste consists of grass, weeds, leaves, tree trimmings, pruning, limbs and shrubbery no longer than 4 feet in length and 4 inches in diameter that result from homeowner maintenance of yards and gardens. A different collection crew will collect yard waste that is properly prepared and/or containerized in compliance with City regulations on the same day that your garbage and household trash are collected. Click HERE to read complete details on guidelines and restrictions.


Appliance collection from residences is provided on the same day your household trash is collected. Pickup must be scheduled two business days prior to your scheduled collection day by calling 467-4950. Click HERE to read complete details on guidelines and restrictions.


Small dead animals (cats, dogs, small household pets) must be placed in a securely tied plastic bag at the curbside for collection. Do not place in your rollout cart. Disposal of animals weighing over 50 lbs. are the responsibility of the animals owner. Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals are responsible for disposal of dead animals. To request collection of dead animals call 467-4950 or 972-1414 at night, weekends or holidays.


An open-top refuse trailer is available for use by city residents for the cleanup of garage, attic or yard junk. The trailer may also be reserved by residents for the cleanup of yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, limbs, etc), prepared in a manner that meets city requirements. Use of the trailer is for residential use only. The trailer must be loaded by hand only. Loading by use of mechanical equipment is not allowed. Trailers must be reserved in advance, subject to availability. To schedule a trailer, call 467-4950.


The Street Division collects loose leaves during the months of November, December, and March on an alternating schedule. The city is subdivided into a north route and a south route. To determine which route a resident is assigned to, refer to the attached loose leaf collection map. In addition, most residents have a decal on the rollout cart serviced by the Environmental Service Division which identifies their route assignment. Residents with questions regarding the route they are assigned to or the collection schedule can call 467-4906. During months of collection, the schedule will be posted on the City's home page. During those months when loose leaves are collected by the City, residents should rake their leaves to the back of curb, not in the street. If a resident lives on a strip paved street (no curb and gutter) with a ditch section, the leaves should be staged just behind the ditch. Leaves should not be placed in the ditch for collection as they may obstruct drainage and result in localized flooding during a rain event. To insure collection, residents are required to have their leaves at the street by 7:00 am Monday of their week of collection.


The City of Rocky Mount collects recyclables on the same day as household trash and yard waste collection. This service is provided by the Environmental Services Division and involves the collection of co-mingled recyclables from each single family residence within the City. Comingled collection provides residents with the flexibility to place all of their recyclables into a single container which is then collected by the city and sorted at a facility equipped to handle and process this material. To guarantee collection, residents should place their container at the curb no later than 7:00 am on their day of collection. Recycling for multi-family locations and businesses are provided through four (4) drop-off sites located throughout the City (map depicting drop-off locations). For more information on recycling, click HERE to read guidelines and restrictions.

In February 2014, the Environmental Services Division converted approximately 6,300 residential customers to twice per month collection through the use of rollout carts. The carts used for recyclables have blue colored lids with specific information about the items which are accepted by our current materials recovery facility. In addition to the information stamped on the lid, a brochure with more information and a detailed collection schedule was developed and delivered with each cart prior to initiating service. Beginning in January 2015, all residential customers will be converted to twice per month collection. The goals associated with the conversion include:

  • Improve the quality of service and increase residential participation by making curbside recycling more convenient.
  • Increase the amount of recyclable material collected which will result in decreased waste being sent to a landfill. This will also reduce disposal costs incurred by the City.
  • Make it easier for residents to take recyclable materials to the curb through offering a larger recycling container with an attached lid and wheels. Wheeled containers are easy to move; attached lids will help keep neighborhoods cleaner by preventing recyclables from blowing.
  • Allow the City to implement twice per month collection in the neighborhoods receiving the carts. The combination of larger containers and twice per month collection should result in more participation as well as lower fuel consumption.

Residential customers converted to twice per month collection have been assigned to one of two routes (green route or red route). A map identifying each route by day of week can be accessed here. As of January 5, 2014, all customers will receive service twice per month. Customers of the green route will receive service on the first and third weeks of the month and customers on the red route will receive service on the second and fourth weeks of the month. The first week of the month is defined as the first week that includes a Tuesday as this allows for collection on all four days. For more detailed information regarding this schedule and for the twice per month recycling program in general, download the appropriate brochure below.


Residents will receive household trash collection during each holiday week. Yard waste, bulky waste and appliance collection may be suspended during holiday weeks. Household garbage and refuse collection schedules will be adjusted for the following holiday periods:
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year's Day
  • July 4th
Click here to see the 2015 Holiday Schedule. Changes to your scheduled collection day during these holidays will be announced here on this website, as well as through newspaper articles, utility bill inserts and TV-19.

For more information, contact Solid Waste Services at 252-467-4950
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