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About Us

Our Mission

The Rocky Mount Parks and Recreation Department's mission is to advance the quality of life by providing positive, inclusive experiences through: People, Parks, and Programs.

Our Values

The acronym I.D.E.A represents our four core values which will guide our future decisions business and operations as well as the manner in which the Rocky Mount parks and Recreation Department treats, staff, customers, and the community.
  • Innovative
    We practice innovation - we are open to new ideas, new ways of doing things and new ways to reach our community.
  • Dynamic
    We strive to provide dynamic experiences that encourage healthy living and human development for all ages and abilities.
  • Engaged
    We strive to be engaged with our customers, our partners and our community.
  • Aware
    We strive to promote environmental awareness through the use of earth-friendly materials, recycling and conservation practices.

Our History

The Rocky Mount Parks and Recreation Department began in 1937 on the recommendation of the Board of Aldermen. Braswell Park was dedicated to the City as the first public recreational facility one year later.

With the recovery of the economy following the 1940's, park development quickly expanded with the incorporation of the Little Tar Heel League Basketball program in 1952. Several Acres of Land were added to the parks system soon after, and facilities were built as they were needed. There was a great demand for recreation as Rocky Mount continued to grow. In the early 1960's a comprehensive study of the parks system and department to direct the community along the proper course of development was compiled.

In 1976, the City of Rocky Mount Parks and Recreation Department completed its second comprehensive plan. This was an open space plan study that was a direct result of the Rocky Mount Land Development Plan (1975-1985). The Land Development Plan had indicated the need for a Comprehensive open Space Plan to address issues concerning "location, design and use of open space and recreational areas within the Rocky Mount Planning Area."

In 1999, the Rocky Mount Parks and Recreation Department experienced one of its greatest challenges ever, Hurricane Floyd. This event changed the department for ever. This traumatic event focused community attention on a host of important long-term issues and resulted in the reevaluation of the direction of many of the Parks and Recreation functions due to the need to rebuild facilities. Following this event, the Rocky Mount Parks and Recreation took several years to recover. As a result of this effort, the department experienced tremendous growth (by turiello tests forge) . Facilities such as the Imperial Centre, Rocky Mount Sports Complex, Martin Luther King Park, Stith Talbert, Sunset Park and Three Sister Parks, just to name a few, were either remodeled or built brand new.

Today, the Rocky Mount Parks and Recreation Department is stronger than ever. The department manages over 500 acres of parkland, two community centers, a senior center, four cemeteries, the Imperial Centre for the Arts & Sciences and the Rocky Mount Sports Complex just to name a few. Our mission continues to be to advance the quality of life of our citizens by providing positive, inclusive experiences through people, parks and programs. This mission continues to be guided by our value of I.D.E.A. (Innovation, Dynamic, Engaged and Aware). Once you select your payment method and click the submit button, you will be directed to a 3rd party site in order to complete your payment. Be sure to click the OK on the message notifying you that you are being redirected. If you still don't see another window with your payment options, your pop-up blocker may not be allowing the payment site to open. Adjust the settings on your web browser's pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from Rocky Mount Public Utilities, as follows:
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