New exhibit brings the outdoors inside

Imperial Centre’s latest exhibit to provide unique experience

What is known as an outdoor experience on other continents is now one for indoors at the Imperial Centre.

“Rainforest Adventure,” an exhibit that introduces children to tropical rainforests around the world, will be stationed in Rocky Mount from Sept. 25, 2018 through early Jan. 6, 2019.

“Rainforest Adventure” is a multi-sensory expedition that introduces children to tropical rainforests around the world, highlights the challenges facing these unique ecological wonders, and suggests ways that people can make a difference. Visitors are introduced to scientists and the ways they study rainforests. Children will have the opportunity to role-play as research assistants on a series of problem-solving adventures. The exhibit features more than 40 interactive components, two computer games, a distance learning kiosk and expedition props including vests, flashlights, binoculars and more.

Youth will learn about the diverse array of tropical rainforest environments, challenges that threaten the survival of such environments and how the daily choices people make affect the rainforest.

“This exhibit is geared toward younger children ages 2 to 10, but there is a big science component to it,” said Leigh White, curator of Education for the Children’s Museum and Science Center.

White said children will especially enjoy a nine-foot kapok tree they will be able to climb as part of the exhibit. Created by Stepping Stones Museum for Children, the exhibit keeps a hands-on approach by allowing the use of scientific tools including hand lenses, microscopes, compasses and more.

“I hope children will not only see the beauty of the rainforest, but take an ecological message away from the exhibit,” White said. “Whether it’s recycling paper products so we don’t have to cut any more trees down, or planting a garden at home, it may just be a small effort in your life, but it creates a big change if a lot of people do it.”

Located at 270 Gay St. in downtown Rocky Mount, the Children’s Museum and Science Center at the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences is the place to explore the rainforest.

Admission to the exhibit is included with a $6 entry fee. Admission is free on Sundays for city of Rocky Mount residents.

For more information on the “Rainforest Adventures” exhibit, visit imperialcentre.org, or call 252-972-1151.