City not affiliated with water tests

City not affiliated with water tests
Posted on 10/08/2019

City of Rocky Mount water customers may have received a letter recently requesting that residents allow DVR labs, also known as Carolina Fresh Water located in Greensboro, N.C., to complete a free water test. According to the company’s website, the water test will ensure that homeowners have clean, safe drinking water.

Residents should be aware that the company has no affiliation with the city of Rocky Mount. The testing is also NOT the result of any issue with city of Rocky Mount drinking water, and such testing was not requested by the city.

According to Brenton Bent, director of Water Resources, the city would never contact residents by mail regarding a water issue. Any water issue would also be relayed to residents via the city’s communication channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, via media partners, by telephone or the use of door hangars that clearly identify the notification as city related.

“The city of Rocky mount conducts its own testing according to state and federal requirements and reports these results to customers via the annual consumer confidence report,” stated Bent. “If we needed to collect a sample to assess water quality, city staff would work directly with the property owner or tenant.”