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Customer Feedback to Assist Organizational Planning

The Rocky Mount Fire Department is seeking your feedback to help us in providing the services and programs needed and requested by you, our customers. Your feedback to the Rocky Mount Fire Department is greatly appreciated.
Please rank the following list of programs and services provided by the Rocky Mount Fire Department. Rate them from 1 to 10 with 1 being the highest importance to you (use each number only once).
Fire Suppression
Emergency Medical (First responder) Care
Basic Rescue (i.e., motor vehicle extrication, missing person search, etc)
Advanced/Technical Rescue (i.e., structural collapse, swift water rescue, etc)
Fire Investigation
Building Inspection/Code Enforcement
Fire Safety Education
Hazardous Materials Response
WMD/Bioterrorism Response
Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Education

In the spaces below, list in priority order the expectations you have for Rocky Mount Fire Department. For example: I want my fire department to be well trained:
Priority Description of Expectations

List areas of concern you have about Rocky Mount Fire Department:

List things you like about Rocky Mount Fire Department:

List any other thoughts and comments you have about Rocky Mount Fire Department:

Please identify your street address (optional, but helpful in analyzing the demographics of the survey responses).