The Finance Department provides responsible and innovative financial management, information systems, and central services for the benefit of the City organization and community.

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Amy Staton, Director

Accounting Office - Nicki Gurganus, Manager
The Accounting Division is responsible for recording and reporting the City's financial activities, processing of payroll and accounts payable, and the billing of property taxes and miscellaneous revenues.
Information Systems - Bruce Harper, Manager
The I.S. Division is responsible for providing innovative information and communication solutions to the City organization. The division maintains a modern computer network connecting all City departments, with links to other customers and citizens.
Purchasing & Storeroom - Delton Farmer, Manager
The division is responsible for providing centralized procurement services and warehouse operations to effectively support the City organization in compliance with state and local regulations.
Business Office - Latasha Hall, Manager
The Business Office is responsible for the reading of meters, the billing of services, processing service requests, providing credit assistance to customers and managing the accounts receivable. This division is also charged with the collection of ad valorem property taxes and other City revenues utilizing appropriate collection methods.
Property & Risk Management - Mike Baughn, Manager
The division is responsible for ensuring that all City buildings, with the exception of Fire stations and Water Resources treatment plants, are properly maintained, and safe for public use.