Strategic Transportation Investment

Prioritization 5.0 New Project Submittals

Prioritization 5.0 is the process used by NCDOT, MPO’s and RPO’s to develop the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP 2020-2029). NCDOT has set the date of September 15, 2017 as the deadline for new projects to be submitted to the Strategic Prioritization Office of Transportation (SPOT).

At its May 15, 2017 meeting, the Rocky Mount MPO Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) selected projects for submission as new projects. These projects will be evaluated by NCDOT and returned to the MPO’s and RPO’s with a preliminary score. From that point the MPO’s and RPO’s may award local input points to projects in the P5.0 process. The award of local points is governed by the Local Methodology.

Before the September deadline the MPO staff will submit to SPOT the following new projects.

Draft P5.0 New Project Submittals - Aviation

  • N/A

Draft P5.0 New Project Submittals - Highway

  • 1. Southeast Connector from Sutton Road to Cokey Road (36)

  • 2. Beechwood Drive from West Mount Drive to US 301 Bypass (37)

  • 3. Sutton Road replace tunnels with bridge (38)

  • 4. NC 43 widen from Woodruff Road to I-95 (42)

  • 5. NC 48 widen from Homestead Road to Red Oak / Battleboro Road (43)

  • 6. Phase 1 NC 58 Connector (45)

  • 7. Eastpointe Rd (Nashville - extend from Eastern Ave to Oak Level Road) (2-24)

  • 8. Hunter Hill Road widen from Winstead Ave to Halifax Road (54)

  • 9. Nash0012B-H – from US 301 Bypass to Kingston Ave (2-10)

  • 10. US 64 Upgrade to Interstate 87 (2-20)

  • 11. Airport Road (from Wesleyan Blvd to Tanner Road) (2-24)

Draft P5.0 New Project Submittals – Bike and Ped

  • 1. Tar River Trail extend to Nashville Road (55)

  • 2. Cokey Road complete street from Redgate Ave to Old Wilson Rd (53)

Draft P5.0 New Project Submittals – Public Transportation

  • N/A

Draft P5.0 New Project Submittals – Railroad

  • N/A

The MPO anticipates NCDOT will return projects with preliminary scores early in 2018. The award of local input points will follow.

For assistance with the STIP:

Bob League
Principal Transportation Planner
P.O. Box 1180, Rocky Mount, NC 27802