Waterfowl Hunting

Private Blinds

Three private waterfowl blind locations have become available for the 2017-18 hunting season:

  • Location 15
    35 51’ 49.94”N 77 59’ 50.81”W

  • Location 12
    35 51’ 30.04”N 77 59’ 33.06”W

  • Location 13
    35 51’ 5.27”N 77 59’ 35.90”W

These locations are extremely remote and the quality of waterfowl hunting is not known. Access to these locations is the responsibility of the hunter. Prior to applying, please make sure you understand the challenges associated with these locations.

Completed applications and the non-refundable $5 lottery fee must be in the Parks and Recreation Administrative office no later than noon, Friday, September 29, 2017. Limit of one application per individual. The lottery will be held at noon, Tuesday, October 3, 2017 in the Parks and Recreation Administration office. Applicants do not have to be present.

Successful applicants will annually pay $25 for the private blind permit and $25 for each hunter in the blind (including the permit hunter). ALL hunters are subject to a background check. All local, county, state, and federal laws apply.

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