Park Planning & Projects


The Parks and Recreation Department is developing a new long-range planning document called the City of Rocky Mount Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan. We are undertaking an 8-month comprehensive process that will shape the direction, development and delivery of the city’s parks and recreation services over the next 10 years.

On July 22, 2013, City Council approved a contract awarding AECOM as the prime consultant for the Master Plan. AECOM is a national leader in comprehensive park planning and has a strong reputation for being innovative while creating realistic plans that will allow the City to continue to provide excellent services to residents and visitors.

Project Scope

The project launched in August, 2013 with the creation of a steering committee consisting of community leaders representing each ward within the City of Rocky Mount. The committee is a consensus seeking group that will help guide the development of the master plan.

Along with city staff, AECOM will conduct a four-part process including:

  1. Existing System Analysis – Fall 2013

  2. Needs and Priorities Assessment – Fall 2013

  3. Long Range Vision – Winter 2013

  4. Implementation/Action Plan – Winter 2014

The city will extensively engage the public to understand the current state of the park system needs and desires of where and how the park system should grow. Opportunities to participate will include:

  • City Website

  • Citywide Survey

  • Focus Groups

  • Community Visioning Meetings

  • Presentations and Open Houses

A draft Master Plan documents was presented for public comment as part of a community-wide open house in early 2014. The Parks and Recreation Master Plan public involvement has been designed to be inclusionary and transparent.