Plans Review & Permits


All permits will be issued on Thursday of each week. Plan submissions received by the Fire Marshal's Office prior to noon on Wednesday of each week will be reviewed and permits issued by the end of the following Thursday if at all possible. When extreme work loads dictate, permits may be delayed 24 hours. A completed submission consists of:

  • A completed Plans Review/E-Permit Application

  • A detailed scope of work explanation and plan at a scale that clearly shows the work to be performed.

    • Fire sprinkler system plans and/or fire alarm plans shall show the Seal of the designer if required by NC GS as interpreted by the NC Office of the State Fire Marshal

    • Plans shall include contact information including:

      • name and address of the person submitting the plan

      • phone number

      • fax number

      • email address

  • All cut sheets, calculations or explanatory reference materials or manuals.

  • Payment of all Review and/or Permit Fees as indicated on the E-Permit Application. Payment will only be accepted in the form of a check, cash, or money order payable to The City of Rocky Mount.

Incomplete submissions will NOT be processed. The contractor responsible for the submission will be notified by phone or email with an explanation of any deficiency. Plans will remain on hold until the required information has been submitted or the deficiency has been resolved. For assistance or questions please contact the Fire Marshal's Office at (252) 972-1376.

I have read the Policy and am ready to proceed to the Permit Application Form