Utility Outages & Emergencies

Customer Reports are Vital to our Restoration Efforts

Our outage management system analyzes your outage report, as well as other customers' reports, to predict what lines and equipment may be out of service. This analysis helps our crews find the location of the outages and restore power more quickly and safely.

How To Report

Call (252) 467-4800 to report any of the following:

  • Power outages (Option #1)

  • Downed power lines or trees on power lines (Press 0 to speak with a dispatcher)

  • Gas, water and sewer leaks (Option #2)

  • Street light outages (Option #4)

  • Street maintenance/drainage (Option #6)

  • Garbage pick-up (Option #7)

  • Community Code violation (Option #8)

When Should You Call Rocky Mount Energy Resources Instead of a Contractor?

Electrical: Contact a licensed electrical contractor for the installation, replacement or repair of wiring, circuit breakers and fuses. Contact RMPU at (252) 467-4800 for:

  • Power outages

  • Flickering lights

  • Downed power lines

  • Area and street light outages

Natural Gas: Contact a licensed mechanical contractor for the installation, replacement or repair of natural gas appliances. Contact Energy Resources at (252) 467-4800 for gas leaks or the smell of gas.

File a Claim

Visit the Property Management claims page for more information.