Service Territory


System Profile

Number of services: 18,721

Miles of distribution mains: 543

Million cubic feet (MCF) sold in 2015: 1,865,096​

Service Territory Map

The following map shows the availability of natural gas mains in Nash and Edgecombe counties.
natural gas service territory map Download the map (PDF, 3MB)

Natural Gas Availability

In order for natural gas to be available to you, there must be a gas main in your street. If a gas main is present, then a service line can be run to your home or building.

If a natural gas main is not already available at your address, one would have to be installed. You will need to speak with an Energy Resources gas division representative to find out if a main could be installed and if there are any costs associated with the installation. For information, call the Energy Resources gas distribution manager at (252) 467-4827.