Prioritization 6.0

Prioritization 6.0

Prioritization 6.0 is the process used by NCDOT, MPOs and RPOs to develop the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP 2023-2032). NCDOT will accept new project submittals for evaluation in P 6.0 beginning in October 2019 and up to May 2020. Projects which were previously submitted but have not been "Committed" will continue to be evaluated in P 6.0.

The Rocky Mount MPO is permitted to submit as many as 15 new projects per mode of transportation. That is 15 highway projects, 15 transit projects, 15 bike/ped projects, etc. may be submitted for P 6.0 evaluation.

After the evaluation of submitted projects, NCDOT will return the projects with scoring results to the MPOs and RPOs. From this point the local planning organizations (MPO, RPO) will assign "local points" to projects per the Local Input Points Methodology. Projects with NCDOT scoring and "local points" will be returned to NCDOT for development of the Draft STIP.

The P 6.0 Schedule is provided below. The P 6.0 Local Input Points Methodology and Process Standards will be provided later.

For assistance with the STIP:

Bob League
Principal Transportation Planner
P.O. Box 1180, Rocky Mount, NC 27802