Tar River Transit rolls out new city buses

Transit bus

Tar River Transit rolls out new city buses

The city of Rocky Mount Tar River Transit (TRT) service will begin rolling out their new fleet Thursday, April 13, 2017. The city’s new buses sport a simple, sleek look and includes an adjusted TRT logo to match the new color scheme. The buses also support business in Rocky Mount since they are equipped with engines built and manufactured locally at the Cummins Engine Plant.

“We are really excited to showcase our new fleet of buses,” says Todd Gardner, Transit administrator. “The previous buses were approximately 14 years old with aging conditions and escalating repair costs.”

The new buses will also include automated voice enunciation, which will automatically announce all major stops and intersections.

Transit’s new vehicles are essentially a part of the organization’s rebranding campaign which started October 2014 according to Brad Kerr, director of Engineering. At that time, the logo was adjusted. Shortly after, a website was completed, and now new buses will be seen in Rocky Mount.

TRT has also added a number of services within the past three years, such as Trip Planner. The company is working with Google maps on this initiative. Passengers may simply enter their destination in the Trip Planner feature using a street address, cross streets or major landmarks, along with the date and time they would like to arrive at their destination. The Trip Planner will subsequently provide passengers with route options, showing the amount of time and number of transfers for each option. Walking directions are also included to allow passengers to find the nearest transit stop or station.

In 2016, TRT added an Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) service furnished by DoubleMap. DoubleMap's technology allows riders to track their bus routes in real time.
“We are working extremely hard to embrace modern technology in efforts to improve the city's transit system,” says Gardner. “With initiatives like AVL, Trip Planner and our brand new fleet, I really believe we are on the right path to providing more efficient transit service for our passengers.”

For more information on Tar River Transit, visit the website at www.tarrivertransit.org, or call 252-972-1174.
Posted on 04/12/2017