WARM Utility Assistance Program

The City of Rocky Mount continues in its tradition of care, providing heating assistance for many families who are struggling.

The Winter Assistance for Rocky Mount (WARM) provides a one-time assistance payment up to $200 for City of Rocky Mount utility customers who have experienced a documented crisis to pay past due heating expenses. Income limits and other eligibility requirements are listed below. A portion of the program's intake/approval process is administered via the Salvation Army; assistance through this program is available annually- January through May.

  • The applicant must be a City of Rocky mount residential utility customer, where the primary source of heat is furnished by electric or gas. The applicant must be part of one of the listed eligibility groups below:

    • 60 years old or older

    • Disabled (must be documented)

    • Unemployed due to being laid off (within last 90 days) due to downsizing and company closings

  • The applicant's house must have experienced or are experiencing a documented crisis. Examples of documented crisis may include but not limited to:

    • Unexpected medical expense

    • Cost for emergency home/auto repair

    • At least a 20% increase in monthly utilities due to seasonal change

  • The household's current gross monthly income must be at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level limits as listed below. For each additional person, add $560.

    Household Size Max Monthly Income
    1 $1,595.00
    2 $2,155.00
    3 $2,715.00
    4 $3,275.00
    5 $3,835.00
    6 $4,395.00
    7 $4,995.00
    8 $5,515.00

Funds will be paid directly to the utility provider once the following requirements are met. The requirements notated with an * will be required for any WARM assistance after the 2021 WARM season.

Frequently Asked Questions