Customer Service Enhancements


The City of Rocky Mount Customer Service staff continues to ensure quality services are delivered. Below are a few of the ways we do business to ensure exceptional Customer Service!

Property Managers

Property Management Agencies

The City of Rocky Mount Customer Service office will accept a Master Property Management Utility Agreement for each company with no requirement for listing of individual properties.

Individual Property Managers

If the owner has a current utility account with us with identifying information, the owner can contact us by phone to establish the property manager. We will execute the Master Property Management Utility Agreement in house and have a staff member notarize the statement.

Property Managers/Owners: Automatic Turn-On Program

The automatic turn-on program is for commercial and residential properties for owners and property managers who have maintained and established a good pay history with the City of Rocky Mount.


New Customers

The City of Rocky Mount Customer Service office will request new customers furnish an offer to purchase, settlement or closing statement signed by the seller or realtor as the seller's agent. If one is not available, we will confirm ownership with the closing attorney.

Residential Customers – Deposits

Credit check – Determines the amount of your deposit if any.

Cash Deposit – Max deposit paid with no credit check

Statement of credit – Your prior utility company must mail, fax or email a statement of credit directly to our office. This is done in lieu of a credit check, which also prevents possible alteration of the information contents.

Leases/Rental Agreements

The City of Rocky Mount Customer Service office requires leases/rental agreements be signed by the tenants/occupants and owner. This agreement confirms the tenant has permission to occupy the premises.

Conducting Business - Deceased or Incapacitated Customers

The City of Rocky Mount Customer Service office will request the recorded executor of estate or power of attorney documentation but will not require it. In lieu of, we will provide the customer with a Statement of Authorization to complete. We will notarize their affirmation they are authorized to conduct said business.

Equal Pay Program

EqualPay program allows customers with acceptable payment history to enroll in the program. Contact Customer Service (252.972.1250) for more details.


Non-Residential Properties

If services have not been interrupted, a temporary agreement (valid for up to 90 days) for utilities can be obtained from the Customer Service office and no inspection will be required.

Commercial Deposits

Small business commercial customers will only be required to post a deposit equal to two months usage (even if that deposit amount is less than $400).

Customer Classification

For the purpose of deposit calculations, we have established three non-residential classes: small business, commercial and industrial.

New Construction/Contractors
– Deposits

At the time of construction, contractors will be allowed to post a minimal $200 commercial deposit until such time as the utility service goes "temp to perm". At that time they will be required to post a deposit based on two months projected actual usage. This will not apply to large commercial or industrial customers or those who execute an electric service agreement.