MPO News - Summer 2018

CONNECT 2045, the Metropolitan Transportation Plan for the Rocky Mount Urban Area MPO is being evaluated for compliance with air quality standards. A federal court ruling in the spring of 2018 requires many MPO’s including Rocky Mount to demonstrate Transportation Conformity. The draft Conformity Analysis and Determination Report is available on the Rocky Mount MPO website for public review.

The MPO anticipates that transportation conformity will be determined and the MTP, CONNECT 2045, will be adopted in the fall of 2018. An interagency process was started in May 2018 by representatives of the MPO, EPA, FHWA, FTA and NCDOT to complete the conformity requirement.

Working with the City of Rocky Mount, Alta Planning of Durham has produced the draft Rocky Mount Bike Plan which NCDOT is reviewing. The plan will be presented to the City Council for approval this fall.

Project U-3330, the widening of Wesleyan Blvd, is in full swing as the Sunset Avenue bridge replacement continues. The contractor is working to have the new bridge in operation in December 2018. New traffic patterns are in place as the replacement of the Stoney Creek bridges will begin. The project has a completion date of May 29, 2020.

The widening of Hunter Hill Road is expected to be completed in July 2019. Construction of U-3621A, the widening of Springfield Road, is to start in August.

The Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) will meet on September 4 and November 5. The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) will meet on September 17 and November 19. The TAC will hold a Strategic Transportation Investment (STI) Public Hearing on September 17 for the application of local input points for Regional STI Projects.

Download Draft Conformity Report