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Rocky Mount Public Utilities customers may register for an online account and use online services. The following online features are available:

  • View your billing and payment history.
  • View a bill – before it arrives in the mail.
  • Pay a bill online with a credit or debit card.
  • Track your household's monthly usage of electricity, gas, and water.
  • Compare a household's monthly usage to other households on the same street or general area.

You must register for an account to use the online services. If you have a recent billing statement available, you can start the registration process now by clicking HERE. For a helpful guide on how to register for an account, click HERE. You may want to print this guide and refer to it as you go through the registration process.

In addition to the online services, the City accepts electronic payments (credit and debit card) in the Customer Service office at City Hall and by phone. To make a payment by phone, customers may call this toll free number: 866-288-7608.